Furniture fittings

Different lines of fittings and accessories for furniture manufacture.

The quality of the fittings of the furniture guarantees the good functioning and durability of the same. We provide the furniture industry with access to the best fittings, collaborating in its design and manufacture.
Find here all the accessories and complements necessary for the assembly and decoration of furniture, cabinets and dressing rooms.

Glass shelf support

Glass shelf safety support

Support with washer

Glass support with rubber

Support with threader cap

Support with pressure cap

Support with pressure cap

Round shelf support

Two-roller latch

Magnetic latch

Smooth crystal support

Facetado crystal support

Smooth cover screw

Facetado cover screw

Brass blind nut

Assembly screw

Komby screw

Assembly nut


Asparagus + assembly nut

Cable guide cover

Trousers hanger

Extendable front shoemaker

Extendable lateral shoemaker

Ties support

Extendable hanger support

Double horizontal hanger

Double vertical hanger

Pelican support